Home Theater

Are you ready to graduate from a "big" tv to having your own movie theater?  Well you might be surprised to find that Projectors are much cheaper than lcd, led, or plasma tvs, and well, the size speaks for itself.  I wouldnt recommend something i dont personally use, and i've owned 2 different projectors over the last 7 years, and i must say, I'm still not sick of having a 6' tall tv.  There are even screens that lower from the ceiling on a remote control.

Projectors are a great choice for apartments, they hang from the ceiling or opposite wall and take up very little space, also with most apartments only having windows on one side you generally only need one curtain to make it dark enough

Basements are where Projectors really shine, got a big empty basement? let us design the perfect home theater/media room.  Projectors are also designed to hook up to computers so with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the theater turns into a comfy office/ kid entertainment paradise.