Web Design

Even when your business is closed, the internet is always running. Consumers from any where in the world can find your business and find out about who you are. Giving them the chance to choose you over other competitors who are not on the web. Think of it as 24/7 advertising.  

Convenience   Chances are the majority of consumers out there have a smart phone or computer. They are going to want to search for goods or services on the internet before they check the phone book. It's also faster to do a quick Google search than flipping through the phone book, which in some cites could be rather large or have many of them.  


A website allows you to display and sell products, display contact information along with location, allow for feedback from customers to improve your goods/services, provide email support, and FAQ's. Not only are you drawing in new possible customers, you may also be attracting suppliers, which could be a chance for you to expand your business. Another option is being able to sell ad space on your website to other businesses.  

Efficient Advertising  

There are many ways to get your name out there, some of which are expensive. Phone book ads, billboards, and newspaper ads, they add up over time. Having a website designed is an overall lower expense with a low recurring fee for web hosting and to keep your domain name. There is also more flexibility with a website allowing you to update it at any time. You will be given administration controls over your website along with instructions on how to keep it updated.  

Save Time & Money  

Allowing email support and simple information such as hours of operation on your website save you time by receiving less phone calls about things that can be solved by a click or two. Being able to update your website at any time saves time and money because you don't have to re-run ads or pay for new ads.

Breakdown of Website Cost  

Design/Setup $1500.00

Web Hosting (monthly) $7.99

Domain Name (annually) $19.99    

Web Hosting – Makes your website available for viewing without interruption and at a fast speed.  

Domain Name – Allows you to keep your site name ie: www.mybusiness.com.  

Other Options – If you just want the design and prefer to purchase web hosting/domain name through someone else, that is perfectly fine. However, you will need to create a user name and password for the designer on the hosting accounts.  

Customer Satisfaction – You will have the chance to view your website before you purchase it and request changes. This can be done a total of two times at no cost. More often than not, our designer does a fantastic job and only gets one request for changes, if any at all. However, if you decide this is simply not for you, you are not obligated to purchase the website after it has been viewed.  

Examples – Please take a moment to visit a few of these websites that have been designed by us and are currently being used.


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The Ciro and Topher Show

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