Web Design

Even when your business is closed, the internet is always running. Consumers from any where in the world can find your business and find out about who you are. Giving them the chance to choose you over other competitors who are not on the web. Think of it as 24/7 advertising.  

Convenience   Chances are the majority of consumers out there have a smart phone or computer. They are going to want to search for goods or services on the internet before they check the phone book. It's also faster to do a quick Google search than flipping through the phone book, which in some cites could be rather large or have many of them.  

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Logo Design

Are you a new business seeking a brand that people will remember you by? Or are you an existing business looking for that facelift you need? 

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Video Editing

Looking to get your kids soccer games or other events edited into a great highlight film? Do you want your wedding footage seamlessly arranged to create a beautiful keepsake for you and your spouse? Look no further, we are here to edit your video and add sound to create a great piece of work no matter what your task at hand brings.

Large Scale Graphics

Do you need a RIDICULOUSLY LARGE image created?  Perhaps you need an image to cover a whole billboard, the side of a building, or an entire wall.  We can also create large "3d magic eye", and large custom photo mosaics and panoramics.  Give us a call.

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Vehicle Graphics

Is your car or truck missing something? Don’t want to pay for an expensive paint job? Does your business need an affordable way to advertise? Contact us to upgrade your vehicles statement with vinyl graphics.

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Flyer/Ad Design

Tired of the same run of the mill flyers, sick of paging through the same advertisements, looking for a branded look with custom layouts? Look no further, contact us and set an appointment, so we can extend your business’ reach.

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Signs and Lettering

Do you ever wonder why people are driving by? Do customers ever have trouble finding you? Whether you are a new business just starting your venture, or an existing business needing signage, Contact us.

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Audio Editing

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Photo Editing

Do you have photos that you need retouched? That is, are their people you want “out” of the picture, or MAYBE you have antique photos with nasty blemishes throughout the piece? Well look no further, contact us for an estimate to “Fix your Pix”.

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